2018 Open Heavens End Time Conference

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■ Speaker

 Brother Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj 

Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj is a forerunner who has been privileged to be called to prepare the way for the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. At age 16 he experienced a dramatic and supernatural encounter with the Living Christ. He has been preaching the Gospel and bringing the healing power of God to his generation since 1979 in over 50 nations. His television network, Angel TV, currently reaches out to approximately half the globe. Brother Sadhu has had numerous encounters with the Lord and has been specifically commissioned by the Lord Jesus Christ “to prepare the Bride” for His second coming. His life and ministry will provoke, encourage and teach you how to walk intimately with Christ.

 Dr. Rev. Steven Francis 

 Dr. Rev. Steven Francis is called to be a Prophet to the Church and the Nations. He is well respected by his peers as a man who walks with integrity and humility with the fear of the Lord. His love for the Scriptures and passion for Jesus has touched thousands across nations. His gift causes people to thirst for God and drives them to their knees to have an intimacy with Christ. He is the founder of Rivers of Life Ministries and a monthly revival meeting Warriors Training Camp in Singapore since 2007. He is Founder Principle of the College of Prophets and Senior Pastor of Jesus My King Church. As a prolific writer, he has published 11 books and more than 30 training manuals.

■ Worship team

Philippines IFP worship team 

Ferdie Lazarte – Worship leader  
Cely Canabiral – Music director  
Raymond Chan – Lead Guitar  
Bj Caranto – Keyboard 
Sam Kwan – Violin  

Kit Lazarte – Soprano  
Lorie Pizana – soprano  
Lyn Junco – Soprano  
Jm Caranto – Base
Nonette de Guzman – Alto  
Mike Mendoza – Tenor  
Reden Carasig – Tenor

The IFP worship team is the Worship arm of the Intercessors For The Philippines. For 28 years the IFP has been leading the whole body of Christ in the Philippines in interceding for the Spiritual climate and prophetic landscape of the nation. The IFP Worship has been a very integral part of the IFP for Intercession goes hand in hand with prophetic worship. The IFP Worship Team is composed of 25 members belonging to different churches. It regularly ministers every year at the NATIONAL PRAYER GATHERING that gathers Prayer Warriors, Leaders and Pastors numbering up to 10,000 people. The team has been ministering to Open Heavens Prophetic conference in Jerusalem, Israel every year since 2014 and to Bangkok, Thailand since 2016. Due to the recent call of IFP to minister to the nations outside the Philippines, It’s name IFP Now stands for INTERCESSORS FROM the PHILIPPINES.

■ Intercession team

Global Christian Prayer City

The vision of Pastor Zhang Hannah and the Global Christian Prayer City is to guide the churches through the scheming of enemies. Every church and all people who love Christ are physically in Christ and love every one of the sects in Christ Spread the gospel of Christ, and Rev. Hannah and her co-workers are working diligently to see God awaken His churches on earth to be Christ’s beautiful bride to the LORD! And awakened His church to pray, not to pray, not to rest and pray, until all the land becomes praiseworthy.

The Global Christian Prayer House is a cross-sectarian community that promotes prayer and provides an environment where spiritual, spiritual and spiritual recovery and construction can be made to help brethren and sisters become blessings of nations, communities, families, churches and cities. For the Kingdom of God to develop discipleship of the Lord, the implementation of a solid construction of life, firm and close relationship with the Lord, and bring out a lively prayer Worship and evangelism Mission and values ​​of life, and establish full of true love, holiness, prayer and glory God Life The track of ministry has traveled many countries over the years, bringing with it a great spiritual renewal and renewal of spirit. It is a valuable ministry team of Chinese churches that have been re-used with holy anointing and lead the children of God into glory .

■ Vision

Open Heavens and  welcome the Glory River for Asia

■ Purpose:To raise up Joel’s army with the spirit of Elijah and  Glory Encounter with God.

■ Date: February 16 – 18 2018 (Youth & Young Adult Revival Conference)

              February 19 – 20 2018 (Asia Open Heavens Conference)

Target Audience: Those who are hungry for Glory Encounter with God and willing to pay the price to pursue a breakthrough and revival.

 Attendance capacity: 800

The main information about this five-days conference are follow:

■ Feb 16-18,2018  Youth and Young Adult Revival Conference

In this three-days conference, we focus on participants aged under 40, but we also welcome  participants from all ages.
This conference aims to help them be separated form the world, to receive the blessings and glory form the kingdom of God. 
We truly encourage  parents bring their children together to attend the conference, receive the protection and cover in their families, as Moses and Joshua.
While young people receiving the anointing of the Joshua generation, we also pray for the fire of revival to rise up spiritual fathers and mothers, to be the backup prayers and spiritual covers. If you known that God has calling you to be the spiritual fathers and mothers in the kingdom of God, this is your chance to receive the blessings and anointing form heaven.

■ Feb 19,20 2018  Asia Open Heavens Conference

After three-days glorious gathering, the following two-days conference are focus on the spiritual awakening in Asia.
God had gave us a vision that in the conference, there will be a glorious river flowing from his throne which the saints had been prayed for generations.
We received signs by saints from Australia, Malaysia, Philippines and China, they all express the expectations and awe for this conference.
May God bless those who were moved and willing to pay the price to meet him face to face, let them be filled by the spirit of the fear of the Lord.

Therefore, those who were truly hunger for God would also welcome to attend the conference from Feb 16-20. Really, do not miss the great blessings of 2018 beginning.

■ Theme

※ Date: February 16 – 18 2018 (Youth & Young Adult Revival Conference)

              February 19 – 20 2018 (Asia Open Heavens Conference)

              Required day fee charged, evening free of charge, donations accepted.

Location: Taiwan Sheraton Hsinchu Hotel
Hotel Address: No. 265, E Section 1, Guangming 6th Rd, Zhubei City, Hsinchu County Taiwan

Hotel Telephone: +886 (0)3 620 6000

URL http://www.sheraton-hsinchu.com
Transportation:From Hsinchu high-speed rail station to the venue only 10 minutes
Service: Service@Jesusreturn.org
Tel: +886-2-8729-1104

Registration fee & Hotel fee

Sheraton Hsinchu Hotel SOLD OUT !

Required day fee charged, evening free of charge, donations accepted. 

1. Sheraton Hsinchu Hotel propvide Twin room , please find your roommate.if not we will arrrange .
2. Each room 4,200 TWD per night. 2,100 TWD per person.
3. Children who do not occupy the bed with parents do not have to pay.
4. Children under 8 years old are not required to apply for a fee.
5. The hotel is a five-star hotel, Your room rate includes a continental breakfast buffet.
6. There are Only 200 discount rooms, after sold out the price will be  general price.
Use online credit card payment, credit card amount need to plus banking charges fee

 Sheraton Hsinchu Hotel SOLD OUT !

You can also book hotels near the venueplease refer to https://goo.gl/nYJmzF

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Registration fee NT$2700, total credit card amount of NT$2700 + NT$100 = NT$2800
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Registration fee + stay four nights,
Total credit card amount NT$12200 + NT$400 = NT$12600(TWD)

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under $1332 ; fee = $26.6

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Registration fee + stay four nights,  total credit card amount $370 + $13.3 = $383.3 USD 

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Committee for Glory River For Asia Forerunner Conference

Email:service@jesusreturn.org   Tel:+886-02-87291104

Author: AsisForerunner